Pregnancy diary week 29

Another week passed by…not uneventful either…
I didn’t have any doctor appointments but I had more days when I felt horrible this week rather then happy and content.

I found myself crying even more. I even cried because somebody pushed me when I was traveling with the tube.
Turns out that life as a pregnant woman in London is not easy at all. Bet this is not a surprise to you ladies though.
This week I sat down with the human resources and had my risk assessment and decided when my last day at work will be.
My last day at work is the 19th of October and my actual maternity leave will start on 3rd of November. I have two weeks of holidays left to take you see.
Now I know I said the 19th of October but not sure if my buddy will let me really.
I’m quite big and I put a lot of weight. Believe me it was even noticed my others that just let me know in a friendly way that I am quite big! LOL!
Here’s a picture with me from the blogging event I went this week.


I’m quite scared actually. I really don’t want to get as big as I was with my daughter…
Even though I was rounder last time really. This time my bump looks a bit more pointed. Some say that it will be a boy because it’s pointed. Who knows!?!? Maybe I will have another scan soon and we will find out.
This saturday we went to an NCT sale too. I’m sure you must’ve hear of them before.
It’s where parents can sale their used baby toys and equipments. It’s a very good way to save money.
We bought a second hand crib for the baby for 30£. Not sure how is going to fit in our 1 bedroom apartment just yet but we hope we will find a way. It will only be for a little while so that makes it ok. At least it will be easy to move from one room to another.
It’s one of the Mamas and Papas cribs so it was a bit of a bargain.

We even bought a couple of baby grows for the baby. It was a bit confusing though as we don’t know what we are having and most mums had specifically boys or girls clothes.

Next week I hope it will be better than this one. I’m hoping not to cry as much and just be happier!
At the end of the week I’m going out for dinner with some lovely friends and bloggers too – Mrs B, Lisa Gusto, FrenchYummyMummy and possibly PerfectlyHappyMum.
I invite to pop over their blogs if you didn’t already. They are all really lovely ladies!

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  • Katie Vyktoriah

    I’m only 16 weeks right now, and I’m as big as I was at 25 weeks last time!! I think the second time is just more pronounced. Don’t let it worry you too much, sweetie. You look BEAUTIFUL in that photo (as you do in real life!), and you can’t let your fear of weight gain put extra stress on you during your pregnancy. I have to keep telling myself the same thing, as all I can think about is how hard it’s going to be to lose weight after this pregnancy is over. I put on about a stone between Christmas and when I got pregnant just because I had stopped smoking. And I was gutted about it. But I can’t change it now. it’ll be hard to lose it all again, but we both need to just remember that we’re doing it for the best possible reason – to bring new life in the world. 🙂

    Your daughter and your hubby love you no matter what, and as I keep telling you – you need to love yourself just as much. 🙂 xx

  • Older Mum

    Hello. Sorry to hear you are feeling tearful. You look lovely in the photo – I hope you had a good time at Blog Camp. I would have loved to have gone. We bought loads of stuff from NCT sales too – very useful! Not too long to go now! Let me know when you are next going on a night out – I would really like to come along … :o).

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