Summer it’s over…

I just can’t believe the summer it’s gone now. It past way too fast and we didn’t get to do any of the stuff we really wanted to to like camping for example.
The weather at the beginning of the summer was not really nice and at the end my daughter started her swimming lessons on Saturday again so no more weekend away!
Besides that I was not very well either as the pain in my belly didn’t really allow me to have very active weekends!
Just going to work full time exhausted me enough.
Started today the weather just turned! Last weekend it was very hot and today I actually put the heating on for like a half an hour or so. I mean its only September! How can it be so cold!?!
Starting today I think we can say goodbye to blue skies like the one from my Silent Sunday and say hello to grey skies and rain….and wind! I don’t mind rain really it’s just the wind that I don’t like. It makes it feel colder outside!
I don’t hate autumn. I do actually like it but not sure if I like autumn in England. In Romania it’s not as cold and not so much rain so I like it more.
I was born during the autumn on the 25th of September.
One thing I like about autumn is the fact that the tree leaves change their colour…

Green…yellow…orange…brown…I love the multicoloured leaves during autumn…
What I hate about autumn is the fact that autumn makes me feel even more depressed…sad and lonely.
I know I shouldn’t feel like this. I have a very loving family and I should be happy.
But something about autumn…make me feel even more depressed…Maybe it’s just the fact that is not sunny anymore?!? Or maybe because we have to spend more time indoors because its raining and it’s colder…not sure…
What are your remedies for not feeling depressed during autumn? What do you do to feel better about yourself and life in general? I would love to know seriously as at the moment I would do anything to feel just a little more happier than I do now.
So any tips are really welcomed!

Disclosure: The picture used above was taken by using google search engine.

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