Good night sleep at Ibis Hotel

Thanks to the lovely Penny that blogs at Alexander Residence i had the opportunity to enjoy a day out and night at the new Ibis hotel in Sheperd’s Bush at the beginning of this week.

As i am 34 weeks pregnant and monday was my first day off work i grabbed the opportunity because i knew that this will be my last chance to spend 24 hours without kids and husband and have a sleep in a double bed all by myself!

So Monday saw me taking my daughter to nursery and me taking the train to the venue. I was really excited because beside the grand opportunity that i was offered i was meeting some other bloggers too so a chat over a cup of coffee was in sight. Only met two of them in real life before and they are now friends – Mammasaurus and Mummy Barrow – so i was really looking forward to catch up with them.

The whole day was very interesting and thanks to Sammy Margo we learnt lots of things about sleep position and how to have a good night sleep in you home and not only.

She even had private sessions with each one of us and show us how should we sleep according to our body shape. As i am 34 weeks pregnant she took this into consideration and gave me the props “pillows and towels” i should used to let me sleep more comfortable.

The whole thing was recorded and you can watch it below. Now please do not laugh as this is the first tome i am featuring in a video on my blog.

For all you pregnant ladies out there however pay attention as this is a very comfortable position to sleep. Well the “Sweet Bed” at Ibis had something to do with it as well 🙂

You saw me  demonstrate you how to sleep LOL but now i need to share with you a few things about the “Sweet Beds” that Accor prepared for all their guests at the Ibis hotels. Accor concluded that along with an affordable stay in their hotels they need to offer their guests a good night sleep as well. And i can tell you they achieve their purpose. Accor introduce the new style of beds in 56 countries simultaneously so even if you don’t visit the one in London you can still enjoy the “Sweet beds” somewhere else.

Do you know that this is the first time a hotel group has designed an entire bed?

“The “new-generation” bed was designed  around the customers cultural habits and it has been tailored around the way the customers use beds and local sleeping habits – worldwide – to provide unsurpassed comfort in its category.”

When setting to develop the new bed concept attention was paid to two fundamental issues:

  • First impression of comfort – provided by the mattress and the topper;
  • Support(provided by the bed frame and mattress), which must achieve a perfect balance. 

As you can see from my video as well the room is designed to have light and neutral colours and although i don’t have a picture to show you the curtains can cover the whole window which covers the room in total darkness. So you are guaranteed to have a good night sleep with a “Sweet Bed” and a dark room for prices that start from 69£ for a double or twin room. And if you stay at the Ibis Hotel in Sheperd’s Bush then you have FREE WIFI too! And it is really fast as well! I had a 20 minute chat with my husband via FaceTime and we were not interrupted once! Also that happened using my Ipad which is only for WIFI so i think it was pretty good.

The lunch provided by the hotel was really yummy as well. It was based on a worldwide menu and we had dishes that reflected this concept – little sausages, humus, pitta bread, prawns etc. all very yummy.

The whole hotel has a luxurious feel and look although the prices are affordable.

Ibis Sheperd’s Bush reception area

All i can say is make sure you book in advance as Sheperds Bush is a very busy area considering that Westfields is like 2 minutes walk from the hotel.

Thanks to Ibis Hotel , Sammy Margo and the lovely Kelly and Jeremy from  ICrossing i had a fantastic 24 hours where i enjoyed meeting old friends, make new friends , relax and have a well deserved good night sleep. And believe me a good night sleep is something all pregnant women and mothers in general are looking for! I would even go to suggest that if you are pregnant or a mother and you need a good night sleep you could always book yourself a room at Ibis Hotel just for a good night sleep.

A good night sleep recharges your batteries better than a massage!

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