Meatballs my way

Recently my daughter start refusing eating vegetables! I guess this is a toddler thing and just a phase but in the meantime I need to think of ways to give my daughter some vegetables.
This is why I decided to make these meatballs on Sunday!
My daughter loves meatballs so they were a success.

– 150 gr. of mince beef;
– 1 small courgette;
– 1 carrot;
– 1 small onion;
– 2 cloves of garlic;
– salt and pepper;
– a bunch of parsley
Put all the ingredients besides the mince in a mixer and pulse until smooth. At the end put the vegetable mixture on top of the mince and mix everything.

Then take little portions of the mixture and roll into small balls:

Fry the meatballs in a pan with oil until golden.

At the end put them on kitchen paper to drain the oil.
The meatballs are great just served by themselves with some bread. That is the way my daughter likes them.
But of course you can serve the meatballs with mash potato, boiled rice or chips.
Anything you do to eat them they are great any way!

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