My…I want….

Today I’m joining a new meme – “I want…”. I was tagged by my bump buddy Maria that writes over at Tiger Tales.
There are so many things that I want and I think that if I start writing them all down I might get a bit depressed.

So here it is:
1. I want for people to be happier. Humanity in general. I think that if a group of people will be happier within themselves then other people that surround them will start to be happier too. We are all too angry these days and will be nice to have some happy in our life.

2. I want for my second child to arrive in this world in a nicer way that it happened with my daughter. I want if possible to give birth as naturally as possible. They say that when babies come into the world naturally they get to live happier.

3. I want for our future to be bright with as lesser obstacles as possible.

4. I want and hoping that I will be able to lose as much weight as possible after my baby will be born so that I can be me again.

5. I want and I hope that my depression will get better because I don’t want my children to suffer when they see their depressed mum. My daughter already knows and hugs me when she feels I’m not well and I cry.

I might sound a bit too idealistic I guess but this is what I felt I wanted when I wrote them.
Now if you want to join you can do so without me tagging you…
To get it started I am going to tag some of my dear fellow friends and bloggers:

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  • Older Mum

    At the moment the world could do with a lot more peace and kindness! I hope your depression really clears too – I totally empathise – I don’t like it when Little A sees me cry! X.

    • otilia stocks

      The last consultant i saw said that it might be hereditary for me. The depression i i guess that in one way or another i will always be affected by it.
      It breaks my heat when i can’t control and i cy in front of my daughter. sometimes it just can’t be helped i guess…

  • oana79

    Oh, thank you, Otilia,so sweet of you to include me in it! I will honour you with a post as soon as I get settled in the new house, things a but hectic at the moment!xx

  • MsXpat

    Wow number 1 is powerful and wonderful, the world will be better for our kids if you get this desire :0) Keep focusing the positive for the labour, come up with a some mantra to keep yourself strong through it all, if you can.

    Thanks for sharing and about the depression, I’ve had ‘spells’ over the years, the last of which was PND after my first and I had the same fear as you, but you know what? Shower your babies with love, surround them with happy, positive people, and I think all will be well. One thing I did, was ensure that my baby was not near me when I had a crying for times he was asleep or I’d push back the fear and anxiety by doing silly things to make him laugh. I realise that is not always easy to do any of this and for some it maybe impossible but all we can do is try.

    Feel free to email or DM me anytime :0)

    • otilia stocks

      Thank you M. I know it is probably a bit idealistic my number 1 but so many bad and angry stories recently is just not good. i want my kids to grow up in a happier world and as much as i can i will try and make sure of that. i am just praying not to become bitter over the years.

    • otilia stocks

      I’ve been reading a lot about depression and not only about PND. It can be defeated sometimes and kids do get affected by it especially if they are lf they are girls. I still remember my mum crying when she had low moments….but at the end of the day it is life and all we can is try…
      Take care and don’t forget i am here if you need to chat xxx

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