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I never been the best in doing things, Every time I had a project like knitting or drawing at school my mum use to help me and basically do it for me. I don’t even know how to hold a needle in my hand to tell you the truth. I tried to stitch but things just don’t come nice out of my hand…
When it comes to drawing…oh dear the only things I know how to draw are a house and a flower. If you ask me to draw anything else….then my drawings are just ridiculously funny!
One thing I always enjoy doing though was cooking. And when I become a mother I start enjoying baking even more. The most relaxing thing in e world for me at the moment is to bake cakes, banana breads,cookies and muffins!
And of course if you follow this blog you know exactly what I am talking about. Experimenting with different types of ingredients just to see what it will happen excites me. And my daughter is just over the moon every time I do it.
And when the baking goes as I want it I am happy to say I made this!!!

Baking makes me happy inside and gives me a sense of achievement.
Of course that other things are giving me the sense of achievement like my job for example. I’m not doing what I expected to do when I was a teenager or studying law but this is what I end up doing for the past 6 years and my fellow work colleagues tell me I excel at it. I will definitely miss my job when I will go on maternity leave next week.
But the biggest achievement in my life is my daughter. Even if it doesn’t really apply with like a “I made this”.

Seeng her grow and bloom from a little baby to a thriving toddler makes me warm and happy inside. I love her so much that my words can’t even explain!

I’m looking forward to see her grow more into a young girl. She is such a intelligent little girl and beautiful and I have moments when I look at her and I think:
“I can’t believe she is my daughter! How did I manage to bring into this world such a miracle?”
My hearts melts when I hear her say: “Mama”.

Mellow Mummy I Made This Meme


I wrote this post as an entry to the I made this meme competition that is hosted over at Mellow Mummy blog.
If you wish to participate too then go on and do it but please remember that the competition finishes on the 15th of October.

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