Pregnancy diary week 31

I still didn’t take any pictures with me and the bump. I need to blame my hubby for this actually. I actually thought that I will have lots by now considering that my hubby is quite good at taking pics and he wants to get serious in the photography business.
Anyway.I am now 31 + 3 days and I am only acknowledging that I am actually pregnant. Please don’t laugh. LOL. Hubby can’t believe that there are only 8-9 weeks left until my due date. I on the other hand feel big like a whale and I feel that my left weeks will be a struggle. It is already a struggle to do normal things like putting shoes on or shaving my bits. Sorry TBD if you think I am…I can’t shave my bits anymore…hubby has to do it these days. He quite enjoys it actually. LOL! Well I can’t see my bit anymore because my bump is in the way so….
I can still shave my legs but its getting more and more difficult. When I stand I can’t see my feet as my bump is in the way. I can’t remember how big I was at this stage the first time. I only remember that I got really if the last month or so. My mum use to say that my bump arrives In the room and then the rest of my body!
I am not at that stage yet thanks God but I think this time it will come faster than the first time.
The big bump gives me really bad back pains…spine ones….for which I jut need rest. Only rest can fix back aches! Also my boobs took a new dimension! They are way too big for this stage…I think…and I think hey are already filled with lots of milk.
Maybe I should enjoy the fact that they are big like my hubby does…LOL…but problem is I am running out of bras to wear. At the I have only one bra that fits me properly. And with only 8-9 weeks to go I really don’t feel like spending more money…
We still don’t know what we will have yet – boy or girl – but I’m hoping that I will manage to book an appointment this weekend for a 4D scan. I wonder how my daughter will react when she will see the baby moving on the monitor.
Otherwise baby is doing well I think. There is a lot of movement…a lot and sometimes I get scared of what I see when baby is moving. I think that my Braxton Hicks are also getting stronger and more often. Sometimes they make me feel really uncomfortable and I feel like I might not make it through the last 3 weeks I have left until I finish work.
I already have days when I need to stay home so if my back will continue hurting this much I might just stop al together.
The prospect of not earning as much money scares me though…all that I am hoping is that somehow we will manage to pull it through the next year.
I’m starting to look forward more for the birth of my second baby now. It excites me that very soon I will hold my new baby in my arms, I’m scared of what the actual birth can bring and still don’t know if I will have a c-section or natural but I am working on being content with whatever will happen. I think that is very important right now.
They say that as long as the mother is calm all will go well with the birth.
Hopefully I will be calm and relaxed so that I can have as much of a natural birth as possible.

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