Pregnancy diary week 32

First of all today is my husband birthday so i want to wish him “Happy Birthday”!!!
I love you lots and I hope our relationship will be as strong for many years to come!
Now talking about the pregnancy – today I had a 4D scan done as well.
It was an amazing experience! My daughter couldn’t stop talking but as soon as the baby appeared on the screen she took my hand and kissed it. So sweet!
I will definitely remember this moment forever!
The reason behind the 4D scan? Well we had one done with my daughter so we thought it wouldn’t be unfair if we didn’t have another one done with our second baby.
Here is a picture with the baby. Is not very good quality because I had to take a picture of a picture. We have them on a disc but our mac driver doesn’t work at the moment so we can’t put them on.
Here it is:

The other reason to have a scan at this stage was to find out the sex of the baby.
Boogie really wanted a baby sister and daddy thought it will be a girl.
Mummy really thought it will be a boy.
It’s a baby girl!
So as you can expect my boogie is over the moon that she will have a baby sister!
Daddy said “I told you so!”
Mummy is a bit disappointed that is to a baby boy but really happy is a little girl.
We both think that it would’ve been nice to have one each but at the same time we know its nice to have two of the same-girls. I have a sister and I can say she is my best friend ever!
Who knows maybe we will try for a number 3? LOL!
We do have a name too but we will keep that secret just in case we change our mind.
This is it for now though. No bad things this week. We will keep it in a happy mood 🙂

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