Pregnancy diary week 35

There are only 5 weeks left to my due date! Where did the time go? Why is time passing so quick? In a way I am looking forward to the end if tis pregnancy as I am so big and out of breath! Plus I’m looking forward to meet my new baby. My new baby daughter. On the other hand I know that I will miss the bump and my daughters kicks. She is such an active little baby, exactly like her sister.
Boogie is also looking forward to meet her sister.
Because she knows that baby will arrive before Christmas she keeps asking how long is left until Christmas. I do hope she will not be very jealous as she is so used to all our attention. I’m sure she will feel weird but hopefully she will get used quicker.
I didn’t write anything about my pregnancy last week so here are the updates:
– The week before lasts saw the midwife specialist on Thursday and she thinks that because I was diagnosed with “moderate depression” will be good to start taking antidepressants again; if not now at least as soon as I gave birth as she is worried the depression will go worse otherwise. She also mentioned a different antidepressant not Citalopram which I took before. To tell you the truth I am not sure what to do ,my depressed moments are not as often but when they are they can be bad.any thoughts from you will be really appreciated.
– Today I had my antenatal appointment with my GP. I only had to wait 90 minutes to be seen for something that is suppose to be a routine antenatal check up. I almost walked out of the clinic but impas worried as the nurse said that she found a tiny bit of blood in my urine. My doctor was not as worried though…as she said if I feel fine low below then everything should be fine. Apparently my baby girl is now head down and her back is on the left side of the bump which suppose to be the normal at this stage. Besides this apparently the baby is the normal size so I have good chances to have a normal birth. Well that if my c-section scar doesn’t get more painful that is already. She also mentioned that I can have a vaccination for whooping cough and that the receptionist and the nurse should’ve mentioned it while I was waiting. But they didn’t. She insisted to have the vaccination just after the consultation but by that point I was already late to meet up Maria @MsXpat so I left. Did you have this vaccination done? Was is this all about?Do you recommend it?
– Physically I feel more and more exhausted. Last week I started with this terrible cold that is not finished yet….I felt completely useless last week to tell, you the truth. My Braxton Hicks are now stronger and stronger and one times they stop me from my daily activities. I don’t even remember them being so strong at this stage in my last pregnancy. My water retention increased again and I am really scared that I will not be able to take my rings off in case of a C-section…bummer! I do have more headaches as well and not sure what is causing these. My be the fact that I am tired?!?
– We attended a couple of baby shows – Croydon and Earls Court and bought lots of new things for baby and not only. More about the bargains though in a different post.
That’s it for now. Hopefully we will updatethe pregnancy diary well and sare next week again.
Have a lovely Halloween!

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  • Mummy Plum

    I had the whooping cough vaccine. My understanding is that it gives immunity against whooping cough to the baby for the 8 weeks after they are born, until they have the whooping cough jab themselves. They are too young to have it before that.

  • Bex @ The Mummy Adventure

    I think I will have the whooping cough vaccine but haven’t thought about it too much yet as can’t have it for another few weeks. Hope Christmas comes around soon for little Boogie x

  • Quinn skyler

    Take precautions to avoid the cold, so that it can’t effect your baby, even i faced the similar problem in 30th week, then i covered it off with the help of my doctor.

  • gene bernice

    Maintaining diary during pregnancy period is more beneficial for a healthy baby, because it is a good exercise for pregnancy women.

  • Older Mum

    Big hugs – there’s nothing worse than having a cold in the final stages of pregnancy – its just rotten, and there’s nothing much you can take for it either. X.

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