Pregnancy with a cold

Last Friday was my last day at work for at least a couple of months. I had plans to start blogging more this week and to make the most of my week of and go for a manicure and pedicure and even meet up with friends.
Unfortunately the only day when I was able to do something was Monday – going out to Ibis hotel – and I will tell you more about that in a different post.
So what is stopping me from doing what I want?!?
This awful awful cold that I have! Snotty nose and sore throat plussed by leaky eyes and cough and a bit of a fever! I’m telling not the best that could ever happen to a 34 weeks pregnant woman.
I mean I’m out of breath anyway! With a cold is even more difficult!
And my voice….I sound like a man! Seriously!
All the other pregnancy pains like back ache and swollen limbs are still there too!
I’m not in my best of days or the look of me will make you run!
On top of all this my daughter is not at nursery full time anymore so I need to look after her in the afternoons too! Well sort of as I can’t do it properly….So I am a bad mum and let her watch lots and lts of cartoon…
Now I hope that today will be one of the last days when I feel so crap as I want to go to the Baby Show this week with my family too.
It could be a great day out for all of us!

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