Romanian biscuits

This is a recipe that my grandmother used sometimes to make biscuits. Very simple and with not many ingredients but it tastes delicious and can be moulded and decorated in different ways.

– 3 eggs
– 3 cups of sugar ( I only put 1 1/2 cups of sugar as I prefer them not as sweet)
– 3 cups of oil
– 6 cups of plain flour (you can add one more if you think that the composition is too runny at the end though)
– the zest of one lemon
– one teaspoon of baking powder
– the juicy of half a lemon
– one teaspoon of vanilla extract

Break the eggs in a big bowl and beat them well with a mixer. Add the sugar and beat well with the mixer until the sugar is melted. Add the vanilla extract and then one by one the cups if oil. After every cup of oil mix for 2 minutes until all the oil is mixed with the eggs and sugar.
After one by one add the cups of flour one by one. After each cup mix the composition well. When the flour is all mixed in pour the mixture of baking powder and lemon juice on top.
At the end add the lemon zest and mix everything for like a minute. At this point the composition is ready. The way to know is by picking some of it with a teaspoon. If the composition is soft enough but it doesn’t fall from the spoon.

To this composition you can add anything you want really – raisins, chips of chocolate or just use it and bake them as it is. Another thing you could do us to sprinkle them with soft chocolate.

Preheat the oven for 220 Celsius. 
Use a baking tray but do not oil it with anything just use baking paper. This will prevent you from cleaning and you can use the same tray even though you might bake several badges. 
Take composition with a teaspoon and drop on the baking tray. They might not look fabulous but as the composition is quite soft the will become round as they are on the tray. 
Alternatively you could put the composition in the fridge for no more then 10 minutes. This helps the composition to get a bit harder and enable you to make little balls between your palms before putting them on the tray. This is how I was able to make biscuits of different sizes. 
Some I left simple but on others I put on top chocolate chips or M&M – especially on the big ones.
When in the oven the biscuits will cook really fast – between 3 to 5 minutes so make sure you don’t burn them.


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