The moment everything changed…

22.3.2009 – My daughter was only 4 days old. The first four days are still a bit foggy even 4 years since my daughter was born. The 22nd was the day when I finally stopped being numb and start enjoying my time as a new mum.
Hubby and I took lots of pictures with our beautiful daughter that day but this picture will stay in my heart forever.
I remember that after I took the picture I just starred at my hubby and my daughter for ages… My hubby was mesmerised by our little treasure as you can see.
This is the moment I realised that our life changed forever…and without even realising I start crying…It wasn’t a loud cry….just a couple of tears on my cheek. They were tears of happiness.
I instantly felt a huge mountain of love in my heart and I know that this is when I realised how much I love my daughter and how happy I am that she is HERE with us. I had in front of my eyes the loves of my life.
I will always love you my beautiful daughter!

This blog post has been written as an entry into the Tots100 competition in association with Boots Mother and Baby

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