Cream for the romanian biscuits

A couple of days ago i posted a recipe for romanian biscuits. In the meantime i actually made a cream that goes with the simple biscuits. If you put this cream between two biscuits and then drizzle them with some chocolate then they become “fursecuri”. 

I don’t think there is an english word that describes them but they are basically biscuits with cream.

I took a picture with my phone so i apologise as it is not the best picture ever but it shows you how the biscuits should look like basically:

Ingredients for the cream filling:

– 250gr unsalted butter

– 500 gr super fine sugar

– 3 tbsp cocoa powder

– 2 tsp of water

The butter should be left for half an hour or so at room temperature so that it becomes soft. Put it in a high bowl and using a mixer mix it until it is all fluffy. On top ad the sugar and mix continuously. At the end add the water and the cocoa and mix again. If you are happy with the consistence then add about a teaspoon of the composition between two biscuits. In some i added less or more depending how big the biscuits were 🙂

For the drizzled chocolate if you want to do the same as in the picture then melt some dark or milk chocolate on top on the hob in a bowl above a pan of boiling water. To make the composition softer add a bit of butter.

Leave them to cool and they are perfect to eat.

If you fancy buying them instead of making them they can be bought from the Romanian shop “Albinuta”.

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