Pregnancy diary 37 weeks

Today I’m 37 +5 weeks pregnant. Time is passing so fast. It feels like yesterday when I found out I was pregnant. It feels like only yesterday I stopped working…
In hopefully less than 3 weeks time or so I will be holding my baby girl in my arms.
Yesterday I had an appointment with the obstetrician and the specialist mental health midwife.
After measurements although I am 37 weeks I’m measuring 39 cm which apparently it is fine and it doesn’t mean that my baby girl is big. She is with her head down but not engaged just yet. Again I’m only 37 weeks so she has time to engage. There is definitely a lot of pressure down there though and my Braxton Hicks are more and more powerful. Laying down has become difficult. Sitting or laying In any position is very difficult unfortunately. I feel like the lady in the cartoon most of the time.


Decisions were taken today though which make me feel a tiny bit more confident about he future. Of course, nobody knows what will really happen but hopefully no matter what my baby girl will arrive healthy and happy not this world.
Heard is what decisions were taken today:
– I am still to try and have a VBAC as at the moment nothing indicates that there will be any problems with it;they think he possibility is quite high because I did contact up to 6-7 cm in my first labour;
– my next appointment with the consultant will be at 40 weeks exactly – well they were unable to do that as 1st of December is on a saturday and then the obstetricians are at the clinic only one day a week – which means that my actual appointment will be n the 27th of November;
– in the meantime I will try and see my team of Midwifes or my GP for urine test and blood pressure;
– if nothing happens and I’m not going into labour until my due date then on 4th of December I’m scheduled for a caesarean section. This is actually scary and I’m hoping I will go not labour before then. On the 4th of December I will be 40 weeks + 4. They normally schedule C-sections after 41 weeks but because I already had a emergency section before they think it will be too late to leave it until the 11th of
December – the next available date. And from my point of view if better earlier if I don’t go into labour as my mum will leave on the 15th of December so I rather have her here in case I have a C-section…
Thinking about it now I’m wondering that maybe I should’ve waited a bit longer…
– if I go into labour by myself then I want to leave my body to work how it suppose to. I am not to be induced or I don want to be given the drip in order to accelerate my labour. If all ok with my baby then will wait for the baby to come In her own time. If for any reason they will the the baby is in danger than I rather have a C-section.
I’m hoping that all will go well and my baby girl will be fine. Like a good friend said the other day it doesn’t matter how will the baby will arrive into this world as long as all ok with baby and me.
– my specialist mental health midwife was really supportive and again reinforced the fact that if I need her at any point I should just give her a call; she even talked to my hubby and he can call her if he needs any advice. She will come to see me at home after the birth on 18th of December. I feel really reassured because of it. I will try and continue to see the prenatal team although I feel like my connection with the midwife it’s much stronger. In regards to the medication she again said that it will probably be safer for me to start taking it postnatally. So I decided to speak to he prenatal team or my GP to get a prescription. If I have them in my house then if I feel low I can only start taking the pills.
I decided that even if I am going to take the pills i will not see it as a weakness. The only thing I want is that for my kids to be safe and I will do anything in my power for them to be so.
With that said I’m going to end my update for this week. I guess you don’t want to hear about how fat,uncomfortable and swollen I feel!

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