Pregnancy diary week 39 – short version

I can’t believe I’m 39 weeks pregnant! I actually thought that this baby will arrive early…but this baby girl is exactly like her sister so she will probably arrive on her due date – 1st of December.
My bump is rather big now and plus my face is way fatter than it was last week for example! Hubby blames the two tubes of ice cream that I had last week! LOL! I guess is what’s suppose to happen in the last week isn’t?!?
See picture below – I grown in my bump but my back too:

Yup! The only way I could describe myself now is…HUGE!
Also if you saw my updates on twitter you already know that I feel very uncomfortable at he moment. Nights are the worse as my Braxton hicks are very painful. On top of that I get very stiff and the trips to e bathroom are like every 20 minutes or so.
I’m trying to teach myself to be patience but it is so hard!
Do you know a place where I could buy PATIENCE?

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