Scovergi – Another Romanian Recipe

Scovergi. I’ve been thinking at how to translate the name but I just don’t think there is a word to describe them in English. It’s like an appetiser maybe? My grandmother used to make them as a treat on a Sunday afternoon usually. Served warm with jam they are really yummy.

Ingredients for about 10 scovergi:

• 500 g flour
• 15 g fresh yeast (or 1 pack dry yeast)
• 300 ml water
• 1 teaspoon salt
• ½ teaspoon sugar


Mixing all these ingredients will give you a bread like dough. So mix the flour,yeast,water,sugar and salt until all mixed and the dough stops being sticky on your hands. It should have a silky consistence. If you think necessary add a teaspoon of oil to make the ingredients mix together better.
Put the dough in a big bowl, cover it with a kitchen towel and let it raise for an hour or so. If possible put the bowl next to heat as it will help the dough grow better and faster.
After the 1 hour has past take the dough out of the bowl and on a floured surface kneed the dough until all the air bubbles are removed.
In the meantime in a frying pan add enough vegetable oil for frying.
Divide the though in 10 balls and then one by one stretch them as an oval or round shape. Try and make them as equal as possible but do not stretch them too much.
When the oil is really hot drop the scovearga one by one. Fry on both side until golden.
The scovergi can be eaten warm or cold. I like them with honey or jam on top but hey can always be served with cheese spread for example. If you leave them until the next day they might become hard.

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