We are waiting….

Today is the 29th of November. I’m due to give birth in 2 days time and although I thought that my baby girl will arrive by now we are still waiting….
I remember that with boogie my water broke two days before my due date and in some ways I was hoping it will happen again today.
My pains been coming and going for the past couple of weeks too. Not sure if the pains were just Braxton Hicks or normal contractions…they seem a bit too string to be only BH though…
I’m wondering if in some ways I’m stopping myself to get into labour.
I do worry a lot about the change my new baby girl will bring in our life as a couple and as a family. Don’t get me wrong…I can’t wait to hold my new bay in my arms! The words can’t express how excited and happy I am only at the thought of it! I’m sure my daughter will love being a bit sister and she will love her little sister too.
I’m just wondering if – me and hubby – we are strong enough to resist through another period when the priority is not going to be to spent valuable time together.
I’m going to try and control my depression as I can’t afford having lows as soon as my baby will be here…but will that be enough?!?
Do we love each other enough to ignore the fact that once more we are not going to have time to talk and love each other?
There will be lots of sleepless nights,cries from baby and toddler,nappy changes,frustrations and worries…
I know the joy and love for our children will be great as well but are we going to have any love left for each other?
I know maybe I’m babbling…and maybe I should just relax and concentrate only on the birth but…I can’t help it…I wish I did…

However I can barely walk at the moment and the pain is definitely down there. Hopefully is going to get stronger and more often.
It’s strange how when women are about to give birth they wish for the pain to come.

Hopefully more news will come soon…but at the moment we are still waiting…

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