Where’s the professionalism gone?!?

I like to believe that I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to complain all the time. And that i am the kind of person that kind of person that looks at positive things and not only at negatives…

Well not according to my husband but anyway…but we know how husbands are in these things.

However today I feel Ranty for several reason and I think I have the right to be! Please read on and ignore and misspellings as when I’m Ranty I’m not check spelling…LOL.

As you know if you read my blog I’m heavenly pregnant with my number 2. I am stuck at home especially today as I feel so out of it. I feel really out of breath and exhausted.

Here are the things that exhausted me even more today…mentally:

– Our iMac has a fault – CDs or DVDs are not read by it and my hubby thought that because I’m at home it will be a good idea to get the apple support team to come and fix it – this means picking it up and putting it in a box; they are suppose to arrive between 9-5 and they are still not here….I know it’s only 2 o’clock or so but I had to run to nursery and back to do the drop off and pick up and my husband is nt even sure if the picking up team has his number; I know bad for husband for not making sure they have it and bad for them they didn’t ask;although in a way I’m sure they have it…my husband probably forgot as he is just forgetful like that…; I mean at least he prepare the computer to go – do you know what he did? He just unplugged the IMac – that is all. Men! Maybe he should try taking it from the desk or something? I can unplug the computer as well! Had lots of things to do on the Mac as well but…I guess I have to respect the effort! Anyway I am almost there to bet that the bloody picking up company will not come today. Supposedly they will come with a box and everything and they will pack it for me. I really wonder how will that happen?! Not that if they don’t do it I will! Geeh I’m 36 week pregnant in the end!
My husband could’ve arranged for the guy to come and pick it up when he is at home!

– Postman and mail – he is freaking useless! I live in a block with 8 apartments. Our mailboxes are on the right side of the entrance just behind the building. The guy that used to be a our postman before was really good with finding it and even call up if the box was too big by any chance. This new postman he doesn’t bother! He either doesn’t know where the boxes or he just doesn’t care! He either leaves the all the post together at the front door or pushes it through the front door latch. Sometimes we even end up with mail for other buildings and houses around. Once my so kind husband delivered the post let at our building for our entire street. If it happens to have a box or bigger package he can’t put through he just leaves it there in front of the door? I mean anybody can take it! I’m really thinking to complain….Today I was “delivered” some documentation from work and although on the package says that it needs to be signed he just left it there. Oh I so wish I could catch him and tell him off!Argh!

– The other thing that’s annoying is a bit more close to my heart. As you know I been seeing the prenatal team at the hospital because of my depression problems. At the beginning of September I saw a lady for the first time. She was ok even though I didn’t feel the connection. She then told me that my options will be to take antidepressants or come and visit them but they are only two people in the team and they are kind of busy. I refused the pills and then she set and appointment in 6 weeks time…Really? You diagnose a person with moderate depression and then you give her an appointment so late? The appointment was cancelled only 2 days before by the prenatal team because apparently the lady I saw quit her job. So I think that she probably already knew that she will leave when she set my appointment! You can’t imagine how upset I was! The receptionist that cancelled the appointment then said that the only available appointment for me will be towards the end of October which happened to be my last day at work too. So obviously I said that that will not be possible. She then told me that there is no other date for me..until the end of November…and that she will set the day for the day In October and if it happens to have a different appointment she will give me a ring. Obviously she didn’t…and I didn’t go to the appointment as I couldn’t…
Yesterday she called again and she wanted me to go for an appointment on 27th of November….I mean I’m due on the 1st of December and I have no idea how will I be then. I said that I would like to at least talk with somebody on the phone or see them next week. Obviously they don’t have any appointments…She called 3 – 4 times as she had to check with the doctor to see what they can do for me. I believe that the doctor had appointments and he couldn’t just talk to me for 2 minutes but anyway…
She even asked me in a “nice” voice: “Do you need to see the doctor? Or are you ok now and you can see the doctor after you give birth?” I mean really why would i answer the receptionist to a such a question?!? of course i need to see the doctor! this is why i’ve been referred! In the end she called to say that the doctor will call me as it was this morning….only that he didn’t….
Instead the same receptionist called my husband asking for me to call them because apparently they DO NOT HAVE MY NUMBER! What? How can you not have my number? You called me yesterday several times! And if you have my husbands number you definitely have mine as they are both on my contact information that I wrote! Next to each other! WTH? She said to my husband that I have their number anyway so it shouldn’t be a problem. She didn’t even ask my husband for my number either? Well I don’t have their number unless I google it because every time they called they hidden the ID. and to tell you the truth I don’t know if I can be bothered to do it. Is not like the doctor will be there to talk to me anyway because yesterday she made it clear that he will only be in the office until 12! Guess when she called? 11.50! By the time husband told me and so on it was already 12!What does it take people to do their proper job and show some professionalism?
I will probably call the prenatal team on Monday and see what they say but how can I trust them in taking care of my mental health in they can’t manage their jobs?!?!? 

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