Baby A On The Way? – part 1

Things started to happen on the 29th of November when my friend Suzie and her daughter were visiting us. At around 3pm on the afternoon I felt that my BH were a lot stronger and felt quite tired. After they left I allowed myself to have a nice and hot bath.
When hubby arrived from work I was just collapsed on the couch withy little one…Sitting on the ball that night felt the right thing to do…I was not in real pain but the tightening was quite powerful.
At 4 am on the 30th I woke up from my sleep unable to lay down on the bed anymore. I spent 3-4 hours on the ball having really mild contractions(or that’s what I thought they were) and chatting to my lovely twitter friends.
At around 10 am my sister arrived. So nice to see her after a long time!
11 am – we all left the house for shopping and walking. Thought that it will help bringing the contractions a lot more stronger.
3 pm – at home now I called the Delivery suite explaining how I felt and they said to come to them immediately.
4 pm – arrived at the DS and saw a lovely MW who monitor me for a while, contractions were coming but not painful or strong enough. Plus my cervix was still hard – was told by another not as cool MW.
5.30 PM – the doctor check me out as well; necessary as I had a c-section previously. She decided to keep me in overnight for observation.
5.45-9.00 PM – were spent in the waiting room;we were just waiting for someone to take us to the Carmen Suite.
9.00 PM – as nobody was coming we went to the Head of the MW to ask what was happening. Apparently they were waiting for a bed to be ready for me. I wanted to go home home but then the MW explained why it was do important for me to stay in. Baby head is not as low as it should be and if waters were to break then the cord might come out first. So then she made sure that I was taken upstairs.
9.45 PM – upstairs in the Carmen Suite eating a Sandwich that the MW gave to me and hubby went to the car to bring the bag. As soon as I finished eating and hubby was with me my water break. As soon as that happen was told that’s situation has now changed and that I will only leave the hospital with my baby. Fair enough that’s what I wanted. It meant I’m not going to spend enough time with my sister but the good news was that Baby A was on the way.
10.30 – I started to be monitored with a CTG again; the result – the contractions were there but bit string enough to be established labour;
11.45 – hubby left the hospital as he was not allowed to stay;

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