Baby A on the way part 2

Hubby tried to write this as my right hand has a needle for water in it. However he couldn’t as he need it to take care of me.
Anyway here is how things progressed from the 30th:

– 11pm – 3 am – I was on the Carmen suite trying to rest and sleep. The contractions were mild but they kept me awake most night. The trips to the toilet helped too.
– 3 am – 4 am – hooked on the CTG again as the contractions were coming more often and the MW wanted to know if I’m in labour or not. Not the case.
– 4 am – 6am – slept with the help of paracetamol;
– 6 am – woken up by one of the husbands on the ward with a very loud and Annoying snore;
– 8 am – last time I saw the lovely Margaret my MW; she said goodbye…
– 8 am – 10.30 am – spent mostly chatting on twitter and one of the mum on the ward;
– 10.30 am – husband arrives
– 11 am – more monitoring from the new MW that explains that only of I want a C-section then the DR will come up and discuss;
– 13.00 – going down to M&S for a real coffee with hubby and to meet, my sister and my little one;
– 14.30 – hubby, sister and daughter leave to go to the swimming lesson; I stayed with mum and walk up to the ward ;not doing much once upstairs;writing the first part of the labour;
– 17.00 – 19.00 – hubby,daughter and sister arrive to spent time with me;all was a bit too much noise for me; the ward ladies receive lots of visitors too and one of the has a last that sings religious songs:(; DR’s arrive as well and we discuss my options; despite them offering the drip to kick start the contractions I decide to go with the original plan: if I go into labour naturally and then give birth so be it or otherwise will be section in the morning; had so many interventions in first pregnancy that simply don’t want for everything to be the same and end up with a operation anyway;
– 19.00 – family leaves – pretty emotional; they start to monitor me over CTG and they notice I’m dehydrated so they have to put a drip in for water;
– 19.30 – the drip goes in after a couple of attempts – it was that bad that I cried 🙁 – she put it in the right hand which means I can’t type properly on the phone…;
– 20.00 – she takes blood in case of section and checks my cervix – only 2 cm dilated so no active labour; stops my monotoring;
– 20.30 – Margaret the MW arrives to check on me and I thank God that its her;
– 21.00 – I’m moved to a new ward by MW and start to be monitored again;
– at almost 22.00 – hubby arrives an contractions are closer and a lot more powerful; until about 24.00 the contractions are really powerful and a doctor comes to see me too 1 turns up he was Romanian. He explains that there is no room at the DS but it is fine to be at the Carmen suite under monitoring them.
– 24.00 – MW checks me again and sees that still only 2 cm dilated;
– 24.00 – MW moves me and hubby into a room where it will be just the 2 of us. I can contract freely and can rest;
– 24.00 – 4 am – lots of contractions with baby moving lots and pushing in the pelvis;
– 4 am – checked again and although I contracted like nuts still only 2 cm do we prepare for the eventuality of a section;
– 5 am – very tired and in pain I’m administrated pethadin so that I can have a rest and sleep;
– 7 am – woke up and go toilet; something bloody comes out – the mucus;
– 7.30 am the medication starts to wear off and Margaret tells me that she will leave at 8am; I will be checked again after 8 and I will hear when I have a c-section probably after 9;
– 7.30 – 8.30 am – contractions started to be a lot more powerful; hubby falls asleep on my bed while I’m on a comfy chair writing this;
– 8.30 am 2nd dec – still waiting for news….

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