Live Twitter Birth: A step too far?

The third birth story featured on the blog comes from lovely Alice that blogs over at My life my son my way. I met Alice over a year ago at a blogging event and since then we started to be talk more online via Twitter and Facebook. I also followed her sons live birth and prayed and cried at the same time with her. Now with no further words from me here us her birth story:

Having a live Twitter/Facebook/Blog birth was daring and quite scary…. but was it a step too far?
As a blogger my whole life is online for everyone to see and I tend to tell people more than I should or so some people think, but when I made the decision to update friends, family and readers about what was happening in my labour it was deemed a bit controversial amongst some. It has been done before. I know this because I have followed a few in the past but I loved it, I knew what was happening whilst not actually seeing or hearing the whole thing, it was brilliant… much like a text version of One Born Every Minute!
I hate OBEM by the way. I can’t think of anything worse than watching someone I don’t know give birth! So I understood completely when several people said they had to mute my updates so that they didn’t know the details. I didn’t do the gory stuff but I did explain a few exciting bits which would have made a few people squeal at the thought of what was happening.
My birth story went on for a week or so, so I was writing daily blog posts, hourly tweets and Facebook status’ and updated my Pregnancy diary which I’d been writing the full 9 months.
I really enjoyed writing my pregnancy diary as it wasn’t your average pregnancy. It started with Genetic Specialists and ended with several hospital trips and a severe DVT! So many people read my highs and lows of my pregnancy and so to do the final chapter was important to me. It would have been like reading a book, getting to the end and realising that someone had ripped out the last page if I hadn’t!
After Rocky was born, it went a bit crazy. When I was supposed to be updating the joys of my new baby I was updating my hatred of the hospital I was in. So after all the details and amazing story people had been reading… I had suddenly become too ill to write. I wanted to but I just couldn’t do it as I had no energy left to think.

During this time I re read all of my pregnancy diary and my birth story… I cried and laughed and thought about things in different ways.
So no matter how much some people thought it was ‘too much’ or ‘stepping over the line’ I have decided I needed to do it for me and forever more I will have something to look back on and remember the good times and bad of where my little bundle of joy came from!
So to answer my own question… Was it a step too far?
Nope, not for me! If you don’t like it… don’t read it!
I’d encourage anyone to do it if they can as to read it after was as amazing as going through it in the first place!

Thank you Alice for sharing your story with us and for allowing me to have a break after the birth of my daughter!
If you fancy writing a guest post telling your birth story then get I’m touch.

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  • Mammasaurus

    It must be an awesome feeling to share the feelings as you go through labour with Twitter – if I had a baby now – I would be on there telling all for sure!

    Hope you are settling into the new routine well x

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