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While I was in hospital fighting infection I received an email from Gousto offering to send me one of their bags for review. I was delighted as you can imagine. Any help that i could get on my coming back home from hospital was more than welcomed.Let me tell you a bit more about Gousto history.

Timo and James started Gousto in 2011. They found that loved cooking but didn’t have much time to go to various grocery shops. They decided that there must be some way to make life easier and the idea for Gousto was born. The first recipes were offered at market stalls and from there the concept has grown into what you see today. Of course, all of Timo and James’ friends are Gousto guinea pigs. Today, Gousto has a team of professional chefs and passionate amateurs ,making sure that the recipes cover all cuisines and styles.

Gousto provides you with all the ingredients in the right proportions to cook the meals at home. The produce is organic, fresh and seasonal.

The time I spent in hospital weakened me and even on my coming back at home I spent most of my time feeding my little baby. This is why the duty of preparing food belong to my husband for a couple of weeks. Because of the food the lovely people from Guosto send me my husband had a recipe to follow and aol the ingredients measured and separately packed. Ideal for someone that doesn’t know how to cook well or someone that doesn’t have a lot of time.

Hubby was really excited to cook with Guosto. He find it very easy to follow the recipe because everything was measured and labeled accordingly.
The ingredients below are for the Pork fillet with Italian-style butter beans and potatoes.

Hubby might not be a master in presenting the food on the plate but the food was really yummy and I didn’t have to move a finger or to give any instructions.
If you are a busy bee Gousto is the perfect choice for you. With Guosto you don’t need to rely on unhealthy ready meal choices or takeaway.
They offer two options: couples bag for 42£/week and family bag 67£/week. Both bags include 3 meals that can be customised as per your choice.

We only tried two but both delicious. The one above and the vegetarian option below – Grape and pepper Thai curry.

We highly recommend them. They are reliable and the bag arrived when we were told it will and plus the ingredients were really fresh.

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