Keeping the balance during February half term holidays

Half term is just around the corner which means that once again I will have on my hands two kids full time: my baby and my toddler. It will be such a challenge.
Having a baby that breastfeeds every 2-3 hours and a 3 and a half year old that wants more or less constant attention will be really tiring.

There are so many wonderful cheap UK breaks out there but unfortunately daddy has to work that week.
So for sure I will have to find ways to keep busy.
I’m planning to keep my eldest busy with puzzles, crafts and drawing while at home. And maybe she could help me with some baking if baby will sleep.
But there is only so much you can do while at home so I will have to think of things out and about.
Here is where I’m planning to take my children this half term:
– park and playground – while baby is snuggly asleep In the pushchair my eldest daughter and I can play and feed the ducks; keeping active it’s important; mummy can burn up some calories and my daughter will get tired and sleep for the afternoon;
– one o’clock clubs – there is one just 2 minutes away from where we live and it even has an outside area; what is great is the fact that while my eldest is playing I can relax with a cup of tea; baby is quite happy to relax on the mat along with the other babies;
– coffee shops – my eldest daughter loves going in them with me as she is always spoiled with a muffin and a babycino; she is like a little missy;
– play centres – although a bit expensive and quite busy, children love them; they have baby areas and older children areas so they are quite good. I’m not going to go to the big ones as I’m afraid I will not be able to keep an eye on her but there are a couple small ones around so I will visit those;
– pantomime – again it can cost money but my daughter really enjoys them and it gives me time to deal with the baby, it’s warm and nobody minds if you breastfeed or not.
I think that’s it. If I manage to go out and do half of the things above it will be really nice.
What about you? What are your plans for the February half term holidays this year?
If you have any cool ideas on how to keep a baby and toddler happy I will be more than happy to try it.

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