McVitie’s Breakfast Biscuits Review

There’s a new breakfast biscuit in town! This time from my favourite British brand McVitie’s! I’m already loving their digestives so was quite keen to try the breakfast biscuits as well!
I’m sure you already heard about them one or the other – adverts on the TV or online.
For me breakfast always meant tea and toast with some cheese or jam on top. This is what I used to have as a child back in Romania.
When I moved to England though my husband introduce me to new types of breakfast – cereals and porridge.
Have to say that if I can choose I will always pick porridge. Love it!
That’s why I love these biscuits too! And they are lovely with a cup of tea.
My eldest daughter like the alternative although she still prefers her all time cereals. She says that the biscuits are desert mummy not breakfast and she usually asks for one after her lunch.
Same with my husband – he takes a pack to work daily to have as a snack after his lunch.
If you are a busy mummy like me and you have to run around to drop your kids to school I recommend this biscuits.
If you are worried that they are not healthy i am happy to say that the biscuits do not have any artificial colours or flavours.
On another note though If you give the biscuits to your children I would keep the limit to 2 biscuits rather than a whole pack of 4, especially if they choose to eat it as a snack rather than breakfast. Four biscuits are even a lot for me.
They taste very sweet though each biscuit has 3g of sugar which I think it’s a lot considering that the limit for a 4-8 year old per day is 12g.
The conclusion is that I will continue to buy these biscuits in the future because they are the BEST choice for a breakfast on the go! Plus the value is good! You can find them in Tesco or Asda for only 1£!
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