Sleep?!? What is that?!?

I just hit the wall! The wall of tiredness…I miss sleeping. I mean I do sleep but its not at all good sleep.

Its mostly disturbed sleep. Every 3 hours sleeping for half an hour during the night it’s not good.

I do however love cuddling and spending time with my little baby no matter the hour.
At the beginning of the week I thought that i finally crack it and Boogie is ok with the new baby and the baby finally got used to this world. Baby was feeding and sleeping a little bit better and boogie was finally starting to mellow.
But then everything went wrong. Looks like baby is going through a growth spur or something so I barely sleep at night and during the day I don’t manage to sleep at all…

At the moment, baby also sleeps next to me In bed for either the whole night or half of it.

So as you can imagine…even when I get to sleep…the sleep is not the best one as I’m worried about something happening while she is next to me 🙁

Boogie also started having even more wee wee accidents than before and we end up with so much washing I don’t think I will ever manage to catch up considering that the weather is really bad too…

She had accidents In her bed and in the big bed too…I know that the main reason this is happening is because she wants more attention from us…

I wish I had a bit more help so I can give her more attention but as most of my day is spent feeding the baby giving more its difficult. I’m sad for her but what can I do?
When my husband is at home she’s mostly his responsibility.

In the evenings baby seems to want even more feeds. I wish that was making her sleep but it doesn’t…
I know things will soon change and we will get into some sort of routine and the day will be more structured.
But until then I will need to learn how to survive on little sleep if possible. Looking forward to the weekend as hopefully with hubby at home I will get to rest in the afternoon.

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  • Laura Gibson

    Chin up, it’ll get easier I promise. It’s so much harder to catch up on sleep when you have more than one child but hang on in there. And, like you’ve pointed out, older siblings can regress a little when a new brother or sister comes along. Have you tried giving Boogie a doll that can be her baby? She could use it to copy what you do with your baby (feeding, changing nappies etc.). Also, you could try reading stories with her when baby is feeding – it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do but would help to give Boogie some of the attention she may be seeking. And the other tip I can offer is don’t worry about leaving baby in her Moses basket/cot/bouncer to give your other child some one-to-one attention and cuddles. Even if your baby cries, she’ll be safe enough to be left for a few minutes. Hugs x

  • Gemma Mills / Chamberlain

    Awww honey – great minds think alike as I just blogged about sleep too. Mine was a positive one though as it astounds me how much Dexter sleeps. Just remember it gets sooooo much better. Just push these first few months and you’ll come out the other side.

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