A new me

Who would’ve thought 10 years ago when I was just out of the Law University that in only a couple of years I will get married, move to London and work for high fashion company? Certainly not me! I always wanted to stay in my home country and make it work , have a career in Human Resources! But things are not always how you think. Love changes everything.
So this is how in 2006 I moved to London and started working for a fashion company. Fast forward to 2013 and now a mum of two beautiful girls i’m still theoretically working for the same company although I’m now on maternity leave.
My job was not very glamorous as I was not working in the design department and I never participated in a fashion show. I used to work in the Supply Chain Department so through my work I was facilitating importing the apparel and accessories goods and distributing them to high fashion stores in UK and Europe.
However, one thing I developed while working in fashion is the taste for beautiful and unique clothing and accessories.
I love the work of Cedric Charlier. His designs are just simply beautiful!
It will probably take a while until my baby weight will go away (with a lot of work) so at the moment I’m still dreaming about wearing his designs but I’m sure it will happen. At the moment I spend my days wearing leggings and jeans with big tops. it works because they are comfortable when you to breastfeed a newborn every couple of hours.
But I’m trusting that soon enough I will lose the weight and be a yummy mummy and a good example of healthiness for my daughters.
I am suppose to go back to work in November so I still have about 8-9 months to lose the weight. The dress I really see myself in is this dress:

What a comeback to work will be if I could get myself into a dress like that! I think hubby would love it too!
So for the next 8-9 months I set myself to walk a lot ( with a pushchair) and diet so I can fit again in beautiful clothes.
As you can see I like simple designs. What sort of clothing do you love?

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