Breastvest – a review

A couple of months ago I was sent a breastvest to review. It was the perfect time as I need it something to cover my bulging belly while breastfeeding out and about.
The breastvest also won Love by Parents award for the best product for breastfeeding.
Let me tell you a bit more about the breastvest:

Breastvest is a revolutionary item of breastfeeding underwear which was created, designed, tested and approved by breastfeeding mums. Born out of frustration with breastfeeding tops and stretched necklines, and a deep-rooted fear of exposing the postnatal tummies our babies left behind, breastvest makes any top a breastfeeding top and offers the perfect solution for breastfeeding mums who don’t want to show off their after-baby midriff. In short, breastvest has got mums covered.
Designed to scoop just below a well-fitted nursing bra, breastvest is held in place by specially designed straps and comfortably covers the postnatal tummy, offering breastfeeding mums a seamless layer of support, modesty and confidence while feeding their babies. And because breastvest lets breastfeeding mums lift up their tops with without showing any bits they’d rather keep under wraps, choosing what to wear each day need no longer be dictated by their desire to do the best for their babies.

I’ve been wearing the breastvest when out and about for the last couple of months while using other breastfeeding props or not. Here is what I think about the vest:Good points:
– made out 95% Viscose and 5% elastane the material is soft on the skin;
– keeps the tummy area warm while breastfeeding out and about;
– it can be worn underneath anything;
– good investment if you plan to breastfeed for a long time; not sure what I will do without mine;
– it covers the tummy and no other breastfeeding prop will do that;
– available in 6 colours and with sizes between XS – XL;

Bad points:
– while covering the bulge of the belly it doesn’t keep it tight;
– if you don’t use any other breastfeeding props you can still be exposed if wearing a stretch top and and your boobies are big( I found it was hard to cover the boob);
– it wears out quite fast especially if you only have only one;
– priced at 15£ can be quite expensive especially if you only breastfeed a couple of month;

My rating: 9 out of 10.

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