Moving again

On 2nd of May 2013 I'm flying back to Romania with my hubby and my girls. Yes I'm going back at least for a couple of months. I'm planning to spend all summer in Romania with both my girls. 

During all this time my hubby will be in England still. It will be hard without him but at the same time this is something that we need to do...We need to see if we still like it in Romania. If we do then we will stay and try to make a future.

As you can imagine it will be hard. Kara doesn’t really know a lot of Romanian so it will be all new for her. But I want her to learn and spending longer time in Romania for vacation or forever will facilitate this. I want her to know her grandparents more especially because they are the only ones she knows.

My whole family it’s in Romania so it makes sense for us to want to make a future there.It will be hard for me although it makes sense. I’ve been living in England for almost 7 years. It feels like yesterday though. I remember how excited and scared I was all at the same time.

Everything was so new…starting a new life, settling in a new way of life, set up a current account and a national insurance number, having a new job and speaking 99.99% of the time in a foreign language.

It was a complete change and as you can imagine moving back to Romania it will be scary and new.So many things have changed since I left. Romania is a new country. In many ways Romania is now as advance as England when it comes to technology and way of life. Of course in a lot of ways Romania is not as advance as England.

There’s no such thing as food delivered at home by your local supermarket and the transport in my local town is not as fancy as it is in London. I will miss the little things that make my like easier in England. But at the same time it will be very nice for my parents to get to know their nieces better. It will be nice to be able to go out by myself knowing that my parents will take care of my daughters.

When hubby will finally move to Romania we will even be able to go out alone in the evening. Do you have any idea how long it’s been since that happen? Since last time we’ve been to Romania last year in May….

Of course it will be hard for the 3 of us to be away from daddy but this is the only way we could afford our own house. At the moment is just impossible for us to buy a house in England. To be fair if we stay in England our life will be quite hard especially with two kids.

It’s quite funny actually the fact that we might end up moving to Romania for good exactly when Romanians will gain the unrestricted right to live and work in UK.

Hopefully that will not make all the bad Romanians migrating to UK though. Romania needs good publicity from now on and not bad.

Anyway I will keep you up to date with what is happening with us. Life it’s an adventure no matter the age.

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  • MsXpat

    We must meet up with our girls before that. I can imagine its a rough and tough time but we all do what we can for the best life for out kids in the long run. I’m sure Kara will enjoy her time there once she meets kids her age.

  • oana79

    All the best. We tried moving to Greece for a year last summer but we found the social and economical differences unbearable. So for us, Greece and Romania will always be holiday places, full of good memories. hope it will work out for your family, hope the support you are imagining from far away will actually be there, hope your girls will adjust to the Romanian way of life and hope, above all, that the choice will bless your family long term.

    • otilia stocks

      I hope we will be ok. At the moment I’m 50/50 can’t say I’m convinced that at home is best. We will try as if we don’t we will never know and we will always wonder. Kids are still young so it’s easy now. I guess we will shortly find out.

  • Older Mum

    Wow… What an adventure, and will be great for your girls to really get to know their grandparents – and you will have the added support. Guess this means I won’t see you at Britmums this year :o(. X.

  • Olivia

    Hi, it’s very good news. I think Romanian language was influenced by the slavic countries to the north. We know for sure that modern Romanian rooted from, yes, Latin, but also Dacian and Old Church Slavonic. Don’t think I would compare Romanians to Slavics. They are SO different. thanks!
    complete romanian

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