Sleep Angel Pillow Review

You might say a pillow is just a pillow but that is not true.
A pillow make a huge difference when it comes to a good night sleep.
I was sent the Sleep Angel Pillow by John Lewis to try it out and review it. Very happy to do it especially because my husband and my eldest are allergic to dust in general. Hubby claimed the pillow even before it arrive but to his surprise he didn’t get to try it at all. Yup you guess it right! My eldest daughter grab it straight out of the bag and she loves it! It is her first ever pillow and since using it she doesn’t wake up with a snotty nose anymore.
So what’s so different about this pillow you might ask?
Well here is what John Lewis says about it:

The Sleep Angel is the first and only pillow that is impermeable to viruses, bacteria, the common flu bug, bed bugs and dust mites. Only air can enter and leave, making it super hygienic and incredibly comfortable. Clinical tests prove that it improves overall sleep quality.

The innovation begins with 2 unique, built-in breathable filters: one on each side to allow only air particles to enter the pillow core, which is filled with wonderfully soft, premium microfibre. This is exclusive to John Lewis and equals supreme balance and comfort, while shielding you from the spread of household germs and reducing the airborne irritants that can cause allergies, asthma and sinus problems.

The BioShield fabric case is wipe clean and has been welded together so that nothing can enter the pillow during its lifetime.

The pillow’s creator, Gabriel Scientific, won the Irish Innovation Award 2012 for the invention, which was originally designed for hospital patients to reduce the risk of patients contracting infections such as MRSA during treatment. Approved as a medical device, the pillow is now used by many hospitals in the UK.

Sold at 60£ a piece this is not the cheapest or the most expensive pillow out there but it makes a huge difference. Only the thought of dust mites makes me cringe. Yuk! We do our best to keep them away by vacuuming the bed. If a mattress like the pillow will be invented will be fantastic.

We are planning to change all our pillows so the Sleep Angel is a good investment for a healthier sleep.

The only downside is that it makes quite a bit of noise when moving and my daughter kept waking up because of it at the beginning. Now though she got used to it and all is well. Hopefully it will continue to be as fluffy.

You can buy the Sleep Angel Pillow directly from the John Lewis website.

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  • Kevin

    An amazing review of sleep angel pillow! I'm so pleased to learn about this pillow. I don't think a pillow is just a pillow, it's a product that makes sure comfortable sleeping throughout every night.

  • all about pillows

    Yes, True piece of writing about Pillows! I have read out this entire blog very attentively and understood that whatever you have written up in here about Pillows that's all are very true because Pillow is not just for Pillow. It is made for good sleep and also good and comfortable sleep depends on a quality Pillow as well. I will visit John Lewis website for getting some quality Pillows and hopefully I will get it from there. Thanks

  • uzzal mahmud

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  • Rudy

    Nice and artistic pillow! hand and easy to carry. Design looks also nice. Again, the benefits describe here are awesome. Never think that right pillow can be so useful for health. I appreciate your writing on this.

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