Wholegrain challenge is over but the journey continues

On the 21st of January I started the Wholegrain challenge initiated by Wholegrain Goodness and promoted by Mumsnet.
50 other bloggers took part in this challenge too. Not sure how they find the challenge but for my family was pretty easy.
As I was writing at the beginning of this challenge us as a family try to eat Wholegrain most of the time.

Here are my tips for eating more Wholegrain:

– if you buy bread replace your white bread with brown;
– if you bake yours use Wholegrain flour rather than white;
– replace the sugary cereals with porridge;
– buy brown rice Instead of white – it takes longer to boil but it is a lot healthier;
– brown pasta instead of white pasta – my daughter is so used with brown that she doesn’t like any other;
– make the kids their favourite cookies and muffins with whole wheat flour;
– try to eat 1 serving a day of Wholegrain but aim to eat 3 servings;

For more information about what a serving is check Wholegrain Goodness website. They have a very good guide.

The choice for Wholegrain is wide and it does not n clued only what I mention below. You can choose your favourite and keep eating it: amaranth , barley, buckwheat, corn (including cornmeal and popcorn), millet, oats (including oatmeal), quinoa, rice (including brown, colored and wild), rye, sorghum, and wheat (including cracked wheat, bulgur, spelt and wheatberries).

I am still to try most of the grains above but I will do my best to do it in the future!
Did you take the challenge?

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