Easter Basket

Crafting: Easter Basket

I promised myself and to my 4 year old daughter that I will try and be more “crafty”.
We both went last week to Wilkinson and bought lots of bits to help us with crafting.
We have fun although its a bit hard to keep Kara concentrated on one project.
She wants to move very fast from one project to another.
We are both still getting she to do things together though and I’m sure bit by bit we will get better at crafting and at working together.
So last week we crafted our first ever “Easter basket”.

It’s not perfect by far but we (K and I) crafted it together.
If you would like to try and make one too here is what you need:

– a chocolate Easter egg box
– daffodils petals
– green ,yellow and orange crepe paper
– red paint
– PVC glue
– mini eggs

Cut the cartoon as tall as you want it to be. Put glue all around the outside of the box and then add the green crepe paper on top of it. Make sure you don’t put too much glue or press too much as the crepe paper can break quite easily.
Leave it to dry.
This is when my daughter had her input as she wanted to add little red dots on but then she added too much paint so when the paint dry leaked and the red dots(apparently little red eggs) become more like rain drops. You can leave this part out if you wish.
Glue the daffodils leaves on the box however you wish.
Add a bit of glue at the bottom of the box inside. Put the yellow crepe paper inside making sure it’s sticking at the bottom. Add the orange one too and let it dry.
When dry all you have to do is to add the mini eggs.

Hopefully our next project will look better!

Make your own Easter Basket

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