DIY Stamps

Every time it rains and my eldest daughter is off nursery she wants to do crafting.
As I’m not very good at this sort of thing I searched for ideas on Maggy’s blog Red Ted Art.
As Kara loves stamps and painting I thought that these super quick DIY stamps were a good idea.
Pretty simple for me to do although the drying up with normal glue takes a while.
I think next time I will definitely try superglue.

They don’t look as good as Maggy’s but I think it’s good for my first ever craft.

What do you need:
– bottle tops – I used normal ones from like water bottles and milk bottle tops; I found the milk ones the best;
– already cut out foam if you are like me and you are not good with the scissors; you can also draw and cut your own if you wish though;
– glue or super glue for a faster and more durable job;

Just stick the foam on top of your bottle tops and leave them to dry before you use them. Maggy has a good video that demonstrates exactly how to do it.

We had to paint the foam with a painting brush and here it is what happened:

Some were better than others but all in all Kara really enjoy it!
The wonder Maggy also wrote her own book out and you can pre-order it like i did from Amazon.
I can’t wait to receive mine!

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