“Fat” and “Big”

While dressing her up the other day my daughter said:”Mummy you are kind of big!”

First I have to say that she was standing on the bed and I was standing on the floor in front of her.

After she said It, she just make this sign with her hands showing what she meant…she showed wide…

Ignoring that I still asked her:

“What do you mean sweetheart?”

But then she just looked into my eyes and said:

“Well mummy you are tall!”

To which I answered:

“Are you sure that this is what you mean?”

And while putting her hands around my neck she said:

“Yes mummy!”

But I knew it wasn’t. I just didn’t want her to hear me say the word “fat”. I prefer my daughter not to be introduced to such things as “fat” or “skinny”. It’s not something a 4 year old should be bothered with.

But then when she got off her bed she put her hands on my belly and said:

“Mummy your belly is so wobbly!”

Then my worries were confirmed. She meant to say “fat”…

I don’t mind being called “fat” because I know very well I am. I just don’t know where my daughter learned the concept of “fat” from.

A while ago she said about a child at the One O’clock Club we sometimes attend that is “fat” to which I said that we don’t say things like that about other people. I said that some people and kids are smaller or bigger than others but we are all the same. I guess this is why she said the word “big” to me instead of “fat”.

But is it right? Is it better to say “big” rather than “fat”?

To me both words are ugly!

So what did I say when my daughter said that my belly is wobbly? Well I smiled and said that, that happens when women have kids.

I know it wasn’t the best explanation but she laughed.

How do YOU explain your kids words like “fat”, “big” , “skinny” ? I’m lost.

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