Jordans cereals – a review

Before I moved to London almost 7 years ago I rarely had any cereals for breakfast. And when I did I just had the old boring cornflakes. In Romania we usually eat other things for breakfast. I guess in England is viewed as the continental type of breakfast.
In England I discovered porridge and granola. I love a hot porridge during the winter but if it will be to choose I will always go for a granola.
The super nutty granola from Jordans is just right on my street. I love the fact that it contains all my favourite nuts and that is crunchy.


The price for these cereals is not cheap so you might be better making your own granola although as a treat they are quite good.
If you fancy trying them though they can be found in Tesco for £4.39 and in Sainsbury’s for £3 – for a limited time only until 19/3.
The calorie value per portion is quite high as well – 45g of cereals have 258 kcal.
The good points for these cereals are:
– very yummy – never ate anything like it before;
– good source of fibre and Wholegrain so if you eat them you will feel satisfied longer;
-No artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives;
-No added salt.

Per whole I did enjoy the Jordans super nutty granola so given the opportunity I will probably have them again although I’m not sure if I will pay the full price.

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