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My 4 year old is a very girly girl! But I’m sure you already know that if you are one of the readers of this blog.
She loves glitter, pink,dolls, bracelets and necklaces! However like any girly girl she loves bags too! Any kind of bags! She even pinched some of my old bags – the small one that is. She loves being wearing bags and we bought her lots too. Some of them especially the lunch bags she’s been taking to nursery. Over time they kind of wear of unfortunately. Plus she says that she doesn’t like Peppa Pig anymore so she doesn’t want the Peppa Pig lunch bag anymore. We also bought her Hello Kitty and Rapunzel lunch bags but as they don’t look as nice as before she doesn’t want to wear them anymore.
So because I really wanted her to choose a new lunch bag I took her next to me and we both browse the Internet.
Here are her favourites:

As you can see she loves character lunch bags and especially the Hello Kitty ones. Of course she wanted them all! Who wouldn’t? It the end she settled for one if the Hello Kitty ones – the last on above as she said that she can use that like a handbag as well. Girls! Now let’s hope it will arrive by the time we go to Romania on holiday as otherwise she will be disappointed.

This post was written in collaboration with http://www.internetgiftstore.com/. The website has a large collection of bags and toys for all ages so if you look for a present for your childish just perfect!

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  • Lindsay Fernandez

    Hey, such a coincidence! It’s soon going to be Mother’s Day and I wanted to do something different and shift the focus on doing something different this year (not for me but for my baby). I had just come up with the idea of gifting my daughter and her close friend something cute and something definitely pink. And here I stumble upon your blog…this is what I say and believe…if things are meant to be,they’re just meant to be. So it’s going to be the Hello Kitty bag and the Angry Birds one too for my baby. Thanks a ton for saving me the trouble of looking around for something else.

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