Natural History Museum,Car boot sale, chicken pox and preparing for a long holiday

There are less than 2 weeks left until the 2nd of May!
I’m excited and scared all at the same time.
I’m excited to go home and see my family and at the prospect of designing my own kitchen. I’ve been changing the colours of it so many times!
On Saturday morning me and Kara went out to meet my friend Annie and her daughter Kitty at the Natural History Museum! It was a beautiful day and Kara was so excited to spend the morning just with her mummy! You see I left my baby with daddy at home as she has chicken pox and as the place we were going was indoors and the chances to pass the pox were higher.
Plus it was just wonderful to spend some time with Kara alone. Since baby was born we didn’t have the chance.
The girls loved the big planet in the museum and after we left we had fun eating huge Ice creams and eating hot dogs in Green Park!

The girls even rolled in the grass!
It was a good day indeed!

As I’m planning to stay a while in Romania we decided to also go to a car boot sale and get rid of all the things we accumulated in the past 6-7 years since we got married.
We are just in a noted accommodation so while me and the girls are in Romania , my hubby will move in a smaller place.
So why stay here and spend lots of money on rent when he could share a house with others and pay half of the amount? This will enable us to save some money so all good! Our summer in Romania will be a try out. It will help us decide if we can leave far away from each other for a while.
Anyway let me tell you about he car boot…It’s the first ever Car boot for me! I’ve done NCT sales before but nothing compares to he car boot.
We’ve sold quite a lot but not as much as we wanted and not for as much as we wanted for.
I’m telling you some people ask us for stuff for free although I was selling say my unwanted books for 50p they wanted them for 10p or for free!
We sold all the unwanted sheets as well and one woman told me in not so many words that’s sold probably give her the left overs for free!
Seriously? I rather take them to the charity shop – which I am going to do anyway.

We spent there almost 5 hours in a burning sunshine with two kids.
Kara kept putting her soft toys back n the car as she didn’t want to sell them. Bless her! And Baby Anastasia despite her chicken pox she done really well.
She slept most of the time and spent time by herself or entertained by her big sister in the car! So no…hopefully nobody that came around our stall catch the pox!
We just had no alternative. My hubby couldn’t come by himself…
Plus the baby chicken pox is not that bad…she has only about 15 spots on her and the majority had crusts on anyway.

Hubby and I both got burned in the sun and because we stand most of the time our feet were throbbing at the end of the day. But hubby gave a really nice foot massage after the girls went to bed so I felt much better!
With the money we made we will pay some of the debts on the credit cards which is good so the car boot was not all bad.
All tis week I need to sort out through things that we keep in London, things that we are sending home, things that we will sell online and things that we will take to the charity shop around the corner.
It’s exciting like any new change and sad all at the same time!
I keep telling myself that will be wonderful! Kara would love the seaside and my parents will just love spending time with their granddaughters!
What are your plans for the summer?

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