Remember always

Today is 1st of April – Fools Day.
I remember that I used to have lots of fun when I was a kid pulling pranks to my fellow school colleagues.
But 1st f April always been special to me for another reason to. It was my grandmother’s birthday on this day. Although she is no longer with us…I still remember and I will always remember.
She loved celebrating her birthday. She used to bake her jam cake and make a big batch of coffee because she knew that all her friends will stop by.

She was much loved my grandmother by everybody-her friends, her neighbours and of course her family.
She was and is my favourite grandmother and I miss her lots.
It hurts so much that she’s not here anymore.
It hurts that she never met my girls.
I know for sure that she would’ve loved my girls.
And my girls would’ve loved her and her kindness.
I will make sure that my girls will get to know my grandmother through my stories.
She was too important to me to not make sure of that.
She looked after me from a very young age since I was only 7 months.
I spend all my childhood at her house. She was like my mum.
She educate me and gave the tools for life.
And I hope that I can pass them over to my girls too.
I will always miss you Mamaie!

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