Things are getting better

Life has become a tiny bit easier these last couple of months.Kara is not as jealous as she use to be with the time I spend with her baby sister.She no longer cries when I have to feed her sister or have an accident just because I can’t take to the toilet. She goes by herself. ofcourse there are exceptions but in 9 out of 10 occasions everything goes well..

Plus she is even looking after her when I need to cook, take a shower.

She sings to her, she talks to her and gives her toys to play and Baby Anastasia is just loving it.
Every time her big sister gives her attention she smiles and “talks in baby language”.

I wish I was more hand on with my video camera and record these moments.

It warms my heart to see how kind and sweet Kara is with her baby sister.
She kisses and cuddles her all the time too.

I feel like a lucky mama!

Thank you Kara for being a nice and kind girl!

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