We have a new house!

We were recently contacted by the Wooden Toy Shop and given a chance to give our daughter a very special present. A half metre high wooden dolls house. The Le Toy Van Sophie’s House to be precise.

As you can see she was thrilled with her present. Construction was so simple a trained monkey wearing a blindfold could do it. I only used a screwdriver once, to screw on the porch above the front door. The rest of it just slotted it together and held in place by the side window boxes. Simple.

Once thrown together the front wall opens up to reveal 2 floors with a central staircase and the roof can be lifted over allowing the child to create an attick room.

As you can see the outside is beautifully detailed, fully working shutters and windows painted and the side walls also have windows but rather than shutters these have window boxes. Once opened the interior walls are decorated with everything from hanging clothes to pictures and mirrors. There is even a family cat.

Once you have the house you can then add to it with some fantastic, beautiful and robust furniture. There are several sets of furniture to choose from so you can furnish everything from the bedroom to the kitchen. We chose to buy a set of Drawing Room furniture.

And if your child should get bored of playing house they can try their hand at doing a King Kong impression.

Be sure to check out The Wooden Toy Shop next time your looking for a gift for your little one.

Till next time……

Post written by Adrian Stocks

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