Goodbye flat 3

That’s it! In less than 12 hours we are catching the plane to Romania!
Hubby will stay two weeks and us, the girls will stay until the school starts in September. I keep thinking it’s 3 months but it is actually more than that.
For the last week all we done is to pack: boxes to go to Romania with toys and clothes, stuff to sell, stuff that hubby will keep with him and our bags for the plane.
Who thought that we could fit so many things in a small one bedroom apartment?
And still it’s not over. We still have lots and lots to pack – the rest will be up to hubby to when when he comes back to London.
It’s been emotional…We’ve been living in this flat since December 2009 – wow! Writing that I just realised that there are 3 and a half years since then! Kara was only 6 months old then….It’s sad to leave the place Kara grow up in. As far as she knows this is her home – although we don’t own it…
Here we saw her grow, taking her first step and call us mummy and daddy for the first time. We’ve lived good times here…
I hope she will not be too sad that she will not comeback to this apartment.
When hubby comes back to London he will try and find a cheaper rented accommodation – maybe a room in a share house.
You see we are trying to save money to either move in a bigger rented accommodation, put down a deposit for a house or/and finish building our house in Romania. We are not sure how long this will take but we are taking the summer as a trial to see if Kara will like it in Romania. At the moment she only understands basic Romanian so I would love if she will learn a little bit more.
If she likes it we might stay longer and maybe if hubby finds a job there he will move too.
Or if we will not adapt o he lifestyle we will comeback for when the school starts in September.
You see times are a bit uncertain at the moment for my family…
I now my parents and my sister would love to have us home for the summer but we will miss hubby. We have to be there for financial reasons too…at the moment we just don’t have enough savings for a deposit – even if that is to pay he deposit for a rented property.
I’m scared and anxious. I have no idea how it will be at home anymore…I visited Romania about a year ago and that was only for a couple of weeks.
I am used to the English lifestyle. My hubby and my kids are English and sometimes I feel like I’m English too. It might sound strange to you…
I will keep you up to date though.
This blog will continue to be what it is.
There will probably be lots of pictures and Romanian recipes for the next month while we are settling in Romania.
Hope you will still enjoy reading this blog.
Farewell for now London!

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