Loving the sunshine

Since the day we arrived Kara absolutely loves the hot weather!
She couldnt believe when i told her she doesn’t need to wear socks, tights or a vest under her clothes!
She even said – But mummy in England i had too!

She spends a lot of her time in the garden and outside in general.

The parks in my hometown are not great unfortunately (about this in another post maybe) but every afternoon there is a bouncy castle that goes up in the centre of the town. Kara wants to go every night and we really dont mind taking her. After we put Anastasia to bed this is our activity. It gets her tired and ready for sleep. She even made a friend 6 years older than her who knows a little bit of english.
The dance lesson we went to the other day was not a succes but hopefully the next couple of times she will enjoy it more.
The grins she throws to her grandparents are way funny so this is why i am sharing with you the picture above.
I am linking to the SatCap linky today as well.
Do you have a caption for it?

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