How to baby proof your home

My Baby Anastasia is now 6 months old! I just can’t believe it! I know I keep saying here quite a lot but time it’s passing way too fast!
In the last 3-4 weeks Anastasia passed quite a few milestones.
She started solids, she now sits up on her bum properly (well for about 5-10 min at the time so I still need to make sure I put pillows around her), rolling from front to back and from back to front and even crawling. Well it’s not a perfect crawling but she’s getting around more or less which makes me worry about the environment she lives in. In our apartment in UK it was quite easy to baby proof the surroundings as it was small and quite modern.
But now I’m at my mums house(and because of the leg it looks like I’m staying a while) I need to make sure that her house is safe for a crawling baby prevent any serious injury.
So what do I do?
Well….as you already know I also have a 4 year old so first I took a piece of paper and wrote what I could remember that I’ve done the first time around. Secondly, of course I browse the Internet (oh how much I love Internet) to see if anything change in the last 4 years from this point of view.
I’m really scared of a head injury as I know that this can really harm a baby with such a soft skin.
However as I’m not in my house I can’t change the surroundings so baby proofing the furniture is probably not the best solution.
So really what I need to do is change my ways:

Be more vigilant – after years since I had to take care of the same things I feel like in a way I forgot how. With a toddler/child is a lot different. Children can carry themselves around babies don’t…Even if you childproof you can’t make it completely baby proof.

Be more alert in periods of stress – to tell you the truth I think I’m always stressed these days. Especially because I can’t move around because of my leg. However at least I can sit back and observe what is happening. When trying to handle more things at the same time…answering a phone call (or tweet ;)), listening to your 4 year old, cooking your more likely to forget about what is your baby doing especially if she is a quiet one like mine, so never forget to get that knife out of her reach, strap the her into the high chair and if she sits up put enough pillows or blankets so if she falls she doesn’t get hurt.

Never leave baby alone in a car or at home – Now I’m not a driver so that is not possible while I’m here but I know cases when this happen. Thanks God nothing happen to the baby but always make a habit and check if there is anything else in the car especially if you are distracted with an older child, I also know mums that left their baby alone(although they were asleep) at home while collecting the older sibling from nursery. I never done that even though in London I literally live across the road from the nursery. Probably back then (when A
was really tiny) the chance of something was minor but now when she’s is moving around I’m even more scared,
(While writing this I asked my mum is she ever left me by myself at home Nd she said she did. But only when I slept as she knew I will not move out of the cot. Apparently back then lots of mums were doing the exact same thing. Hm…how the times change).

Create A Safe Sleep Environment – Another aspect you should think about as a parent is to ensure your baby or child has a safe sleeping environment. It’s recommended that at a very young age you swaddle your baby and have them sleep on their back. As they get older, you can think about transitioning them into a “big kid” room where they have a little more freedom. You can read tips on how to do so by visiting You will need to make sure their sleeping space is safe if they decide to do some of that exploring when you’re not in the room with them. Therefore, there are a few safety changes you’re going to want to make as you grant your child more independence.

Use appropriate clothing on your baby. – Before I read this I didn’t know that the baby clothes can be flame-retardant – especially sleepwear. Wow! As a mum of a baby you need to make sure that the pj’s bottoms are not too long or floppy, or socks or or slippers are not too slippery for a baby who is trying to walk. Can you imagine what tripping or slipping can do o a little baby?
You also need to be careful with scarves and any other long leads from sweaters r jackets, and even the leads from curtains(unfortunately silly accidents can happen).

If possible follow a first-aid course – Sometimes things can’t be prevented so its always best if you can help your baby while waiting for professional help.

Give your baby lots of supervised freedom – You know what I mean – stand back and watch your child play. (Of course after making sure the environment is safe). This is very important as the baby,who will soon become a child, need to learn how to be safety-conscious. Even though they are only little is in the human nature to learn from mistakes.

That’s what I have for you. I’m not going to get into what and how can you baby proof your surroundings to make it safe for your baby as I’m sure you can fund this information somewhere else.

However would love to read your tips regarding baby proofing and safety and of course your experience.
Or even if you have any comments regarding what I wrote above.

Disclosure: Post inspired by reading articles on the what to expect website.

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