Breakfast, on the go!

Breakfast biscuits. A viable substitute for breakfast? 

Weetabix recently supplied us with two boxes of their Breakfast Biscuits. A biscuit that is marketed as a substitute for a proper breakfast aimed at folk that are just too busy in the morning. You know, the annoying bod on the Tube/Train/Bus that is tucking their food while reading the Metro and getting crumbs everywhere. 

As I commute every morning I was interested to give them a go. Would I be able to throw these in my bag and tuck into them once I’m sat at my desk? That was the question. Once I opened the box and looked inside I found what looked like a tasty breakfast treat. Packed into little mini packs of 4 I carefully opened one up and took out a bickie. Biting into it I was immediately struck by how sweet they were. I’m not just talking chocolate bar sweet, I mean ‘poor a bag of sugar in your mouth and swallow.’ kind of sweet. I 

If you happen to have a sweet tooth the size of the Shard, an appetite for sugar like a 8 year old in a sweet shop or own shares in a sugar factory then you may actually want some of these for breakfast. But, if like me you don’t dream of bathing in sugar syrup every night, then you will probably just want to throw them in the bin and get some proper breakfasty stuff in you. 

I started this review by asking if these biscuits would be a viable substitute for breakfast. Well I think I can safely say, not in this lifetime! If you like sugar on your chips then they are probably for you, otherwise. Pass me the bacon! 

Till next time….. 

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