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Recently I was invited to a raw food event. Now like me you may be thinking, ‘Raw Food, what steak tartare and stuff like that?” Well no actually it was nothing like that at all. This was all about fruit and vegetables. How to prep them, marinade them, serve them on a plate or make them into a smoothie. 
‘Well, isn’t that just a salad with a fruit smoothie?’ your probably thinking. And you would be right, in a more simplistic and unimaginative way. But oh so wrong in many other ways,  when you see the possibilities of the Raw Food lifestyle. 

Guiding the uninitiated through this journey of discovery was Raw Food Guru Tanya Alekseeva. 
 Have you noticed how there seems to be a Guru for everything these days. Think I’ll start going by the title Beer Guru, has a nice ring to it. 

Any way, as I was saying. She was to be our guide, instructor and educator for the evening. And what an evening it was.


Before any of you start dismissing this as some vegetarian nonsense, not meant for the likes of your average meat eater. Hear me out. I love meat, I’m a natural born carnivore. Put on this Earth to kill and devour any cute little (or big ugly) animal that should wander past my cave. But on this evening, I was given vegetables in a way I never thought possible. 

We had a smoothie, made with chocolate! We had a Thai style curry served over a bed of noodles (made from courgette). We had all manner of delights, even ice cream. All made from raw fruit and vegetables, and it was delightful! 

Not only was the food tasty but it was also very healthy. As our guide informed us of the benefits from making food this way, you could see light bulbs appearing above all our heads. The truth becoming clear. I think all of us at some point thought to ourselves, ‘So that’s why I feel like that!’ It’s all down to the food you eat and more importantly, how you eat it. 

One last thing before I leave you to go venture on your own raw food journey. If your thinking of preparing raw food but don’t have the right tools for the job. If your kitchen is lacking the necessary food mixer then why not go out and try a Vitamix. Now before you all panic and go run for the hills with your wallets and purses tucked tightly in your pockets hear me out.

Sure it may be twice, neigh, three times as much as other mixers, chopper uppers and down right vegetable destroyers. You may very well go to the local shops and think, ‘why spend so much when I can get this one for this price?’ That is very true, why spend that much? Well I’ll tell you why. Your new fancy looking veg destroyer may serve you well as you make your new found raw food recipes once maybe twice a day for the next few months. It may even see out a year and then, suddenly, you smell something. A slight burning as you use it and a week later it just doesn’t work. But you got your 365 days of use out of it so it isn’t that bad surely. So now you go and think maybe this time I’ll get a Vitamix.

First time you use it you think to your self, ‘wow, sounds like it’s really having a go at them poor vegetables and nuts.’ Then you try it and suddenly your smoothies are actually smooth, and your nuts are no longer feeling just chewed but actually pulverised. Then three years down the line you realise, ‘Why didn’t I just save the money and get this in the first place?’
So why don’t you?

And while your at it check out a Spirali or Spiralizer, they are really cool gizmo’s.

For more information check out Better Raw and Vitamix. Who knows. You, like me, could find yourself a little smarter about how we look at food. 

I am a convert, a believer, a born again vegetarian. Hold it, scrub that last part and pass me that steak.  But serve me up that steak with some RAW FOOD! 

Till next time…. 

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