Hangout with Marco Pierre White

This last Tuesday I was one of the lucky bloggers chosen by Britmums to take part in a hangout with one of the greatest chefs of our times – Marco Pierre White.

I felt exactly like before a date: excited and emotional.
I know it’s silly but it was my the first time I had an online “date” with a celebrity.
Plus is someone I respect a lot for the healthy approach to cooking.

So of course the G+ Hangout was about healthy eating and highlighting Marco’s favourite summer turkey recipes.
Me and my fellow bloggers asked Marco questions and advice on how to cook turkey to its best.

Turkey is naturally low in fat so if you want to lose weight you need to check out Leon on turkey website where you can find lots of ideas from Marco and fellow food bloggers too.

You can also check the YouTube video below:

I will definitely try some of the ideas and maybe even invent our own turkey recipe,
So you eat turkey during the summer?
And if you do what’s your favourite recipe?

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