How not to be the perfect parent

How not to be the perfect parent

When hubby and I decided to have kids we didn’t actually wondered if we will be good at it or not.
Ok that’s a lie. Hubby always said that I will make a great mother. But I always disagree. Nobody can be good always. Everybody makes mistakes in life and we make lots with our kids.
Our grandparents made mistakes with our parents. And our parents (although they might try to deny it) made mistakes with us.
So for sure we are prone to make mistakes with our kids even though they will be different mistakes and not the ones that our parents made with us.
But do we need to be perfect parents? Ad to try as much as we can not to make mistakes? I don’t think so.
This is why I decided to write this “guide” about how not to be the perfect parent.


  1. Love your child unconditionally. You can never show too much love to your child. Kisses, cuddles offer as much as you can , as often as you can. You can’t spoil your child too much so don’t listen to anybody when it comes to how much love you should show your child.
    Never believe the words: “Kiss your during his sleep” – this is something my grandmother use to say.
    On the same note you should tell your child as often as you can that you love them.
  2. Discipline your child. Teach your child what is good and bad in life. When he makes mistakes tell him off and explain what was wrong. Slap his bum if you think you can’t do it differently but don’t do it every time or too often.
    My grandparents and my parents use to say – “Bataia e rupta din rai” which in English translate more or less “Spanking comes from heaven”.
    I don’t agree but sometimes only a slap on the bum calms my daughter. ( *waits to be cruciffied*)
  3. Spoil your child. give your child with everything you can and as often as you can. I give my children this I didn’t have when I was little. If I can give/buy them something I do. I don’t believe spoiling them will damage them in future.
    This doesn’t mean that my daughter doesn’t understand when I tell that I can’t afford buying something.
    My parents keep telling me that I should not spoil the girls as much as I do….
  4. Don’t be  strict with their routine. Routine is great for kids as kids need to always know what to expect. My 4 year old and the 6 month old love routine. Because I created a routine: a time to eat, sleep and play they are happy and content.
    However, don’t be strict with it. When you are on holiday, when you go in a visit or to a party it is ok to stray from the normal course of things. And more importantly DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. They might cry a bit more but they will be fine.
  5. Let your children eat anything they want and how much they want I can see a lot of heads shaking disapproving what I just said. I’m not saying to go overboard or to give your 6 month old baby ice cream and chocolate. All I say is that kids should be allowed to explore food no matter where is coming from.
    If my 4 year old wants to eat chocolate she can have some although she will no eat it every day. That’s not because I will not allow it. It’s because she doesn’t want chocolate every day. I don’t buy it and keep it in the house either but when she asks for some she will never exaggerate and it too much of it.
    I also don’t approve taking kids to fast food every day but that doesn’t mean that I never took my 4 year old to Pizza Hut or KFC.
    I believe that by not stressing yourself and your kids about how much and what your kids eat you am allowing them to make their own choices and never have issues with food.

This is my way good or bad I’m sticking with it. What do you think? Is better to try and be the perfect parent or just try and not be perfect?

How not to be the perfect parent

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