Kiddy Click’n Move 3 Buggy Review

Since i had Kara over 4 years ago i was a bit of a buggy lover. I guess every mum likes to have a nice buggy to push but for me a nice buggy was a must. 

I am not a driver so all i wanted was a nice fashionable buggy to push around the shops. A buggy where my baby can sleep undisturbed while i can browse around the high street shops.

Dream on…4-5 buggies later(i can’t recall very well) i was kind of dissapointed as all  could find on the market was not quite for my taste. If kind of ok for me my hubby didn’t like as it was too big for the car boot or for our one bedroom apartment.

Now that was with my first daughter. 

When i got pregnant with Anastasia though i said that i am going to search for a proper buggy until i will be happy with it.

As you can imagine when the lovely people from Kiddy UK emailed me to say they are going to send me one of their pushchairs to review i jumped at the opportunity.

Over time i heard lots of good things about Kiddy products but i never saw any.


Look at it! I just love the colour! 


When the buggy arrived i wasn’t the only enthusiastic female in the house. My 4 year old was jumping around saying that she can’t wait to sit in it and to push my 6 month old baby in it too. 

She said: “Mummy your leg is not well so I have to take Anastasia for a walk!”

Bless her!

Anyway i didn’t have the chance to take Anastasia out for a walk myself as i had my left foot in a cast for the last 45 days. However i got to test it around the garden and my parents and the nanny around the city for extended walks.


  “I can now walk proud around the city with my niece in the buggy” – my dad 


As you can see Anastasia looks very happy and comfy in the buggy. 

Since we got it she had some really nice sleeps in it although it was sunny and hot outside. The large sunshade it just great espeacially in the hot summer days (which are quite a lot here in Romania). 

The alluminium chassis of the buggy is incredibly light and easy to monouvre even by a 4 year old. 


I love the brake! Only one pedal which is very easy to use! 

With my previous buggy i even brake a pair of shoes because of the brake.


Other features that you would love:

  • Height adjustable hangle
  • Adjustable 3-position 
  • Removable safety bar with a built in umbrella (great when it starts raining and you are caught outside)
  • 5 point harness system – very easy to use and adjust
  • Spacious basket – quite good for shopping at the market as it has a zip and it closes
  • Height adjustable handle from 84 cm to 118 cm – this is the feature my dad quite a lot as he didn’t have to bend to push the buggy
  • The seat can be very easily move from forward facing to parent facing with the click of a button
  • Lovely big wheels which can be removed without any tools 

The not so good(but still a great buggy):

  • The recline position although very easy to adjust doesn’t lock very well and we end up with the seat snapping up in the most occured situations like sleeping for example. I think this is a feature we will not use very often
  • I wish the built in umbrella was a bit bigger and not for the lower side only so please Kiddy if you could change this feature will be just great

I am really looking forward to take my cast off and finally be able to walk properly so i can take the Kiddy buggy out and about. Anastasia loves it and even Kara tried it on a couple of times. She even said that she wants to be little again so that she can be walked around in it.

Only priced at £275 the buggy is a bargain. Stylish and easy to use it is the best pushchair i put my hands on ever. Would love a blue one or a white one now! 

Check out the full variety of Kiddy pushcahirs and carseats on Kiddy UK website. You can also follow Kiddy UK on Facebook and Twitter and even watch the demonstration videos on YouTube

Disclosure:  I was sent the buggy free of charge for the purpose of this review but all of the words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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