Loving you….

The day you were born i felt that my life was complete
You, your sister and your daddy mean everything to me
Without the three of you I will be nothing.

The moment they pass you into my arms a tear fell down my cheek
It was a happiness tear.

The first couple of weeks after you were born were difficult for both of us but bit by bit those moments passed and we adapted.
Now I just can’t imagine my life without you, your gurgles, your smiles and simple the way you look into my eyes.
You are such a good baby. A smiler. Everybody says it.

Of course you have moments when you cry and when you are upset but at the end of the day you are a baby.
You learn and discover more every single day.
You are over 6 months old now and life is becoming more and more interesting for you.
You can roll and sit up.
You eat food and you love it. But you still love eating milk from mummy.

I love every single thing about you and you make my days happier and sunnier. Even when it rains outside.

I’m looking forward to the rest if my life.
I’m looking forward to watch you grow.
I’m looking forward to watch you blossom.
I’m looking forward to the good and bad.

I just love you my little angel!

And I will love you more each day!

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