The days of our lives

Since my leg is in a cast we spend most days in the house. One reason will be that I can’t carry Anastasia in my arms so when my parents are not at home I prefer to keep the girls inside. The other reason is the fact that is very sunny and hot during the day and both girls have light skin so i keep them inside to protect them.
I think they both miss being outside more like I used to take them out in London – no matter the weather.
But despite my leg being immobilised I’m trying to make their days as fun as possible – we make puzzles , we draw, we make necklaces and we even painted some cones. It’s quite fun. Anastasia is too little to get involved in everything but she loves watching us. So we all get on the floor on top of lots of blankets and just laugh and play.

Anastasia even started to be more stabile on her bum and now has a great posture:


I hate the fact that I can’t look after the girls properly without somebody helping me but at least we spend quality time together and I will not exchange that for anything else in the whole world.

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