Walkers hoops and crosses, a monster of a crisp

Upon opening the box, that the bag of new Walkers Hoops and Crosses came in, I was greeted with a nice book that made an issue out of the fact that most kids don’t get enough wholegrain in their diet and that these crisps contain a lot. Beneath the book lay a monkey holding a bag of the afore mentioned crisps.

Now, once me and the monkey had set to and a little scuffle over who’s crisps they were I leisurely sat down to watch the monkey enjoy them. My wounds are healing don’t worry. However I was lucky enough to be offered some as the monkey didn’t hold a grudge.

So once me and the monkey had buried the proverbial hatchet we proceeded to eat the afore mentioned crisps.  Well after all this waffle, what did I think of them you may ask.  Well, upon opening the bag the first thing that struck me was, monster munch. Yup, they smelt just like monster munch, and once I placed one in my mouth then that confirmed it. They tasted just like monster munch. So why would a company that already makes monster munch make another crisp that smells, tastes and feels just like monster munch? I have no idea!! If these things have more wholegrain than monster munch then just change the monster munch recipe and have done with it.
The blurb that comes with them does say though that the children could actually play noughts and crosses with them. But, come on Walkers, after generations of parents telling children to not play with their food along come you guys and tell them, ‘hey kids, why not challenge your friends to a game of noughts and crosses using your food’!!!! Just what every parent needs.

I think Walkers missed the mark with this one!

They did taste good though (just like monster munch)

Till next time…..

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